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English 10: Step 2: Biographical Summary

Our top 4! (Highly Recommended by Mrs. Bloom and Ms. Whitt)

Books to Use! Come to the Library!

British Writers: Volumes 1-III

•Concise Dictionary of British Literary Biography: Volumes 1-8 (this resource is duplicated in unabridged format in the Literature Resource Center database)

 •Modern British Literature: Volumes I-III

 •British Women Writers

 •World Poets: Volumes 1-3

AND our catalog


Using our library’s resources, research the author’s life and write a brief (two pages maximum) biographical summary of the author. As you research, pay close attention to important events that may have impacted or influenced that author’s life, as well as any political or historical movements in which your author participated. This biographical sketch must include in-text MLA documentation for all quoted and paraphrased information, as well as a Works Cited page. We will spend some time reviewing and practicing both paraphrasing and documentation skills.

Assignment PDF

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Attribution and Documentation

This project requires you to document all your sources and attribute all information included in your essay that is not considered common knowledge. All information quoted, paraphrased, or summarized from an outside source must include in-text citation and a corresponding entry in the Works Cited Page.

 To review guidelines about and strategies for avoiding plagiarism, visit and read the following pages, all from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab:

Plagiarism: Overview and Contradictions

Is It Plagiarism?

Safe Practices

Remember to Cite Sources!!

Citing your sources doesn't have to be hard. Just remember to get the information while you are in the source!


New way to cite in all formats!
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