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Silk Road: Videos

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The Silk Road (Learn360)

Silk Road Odyssey: From Beijing to the Black Sea

Run Time: [01:20:14Series: GlobeScope Expeditions
This program follows an early trade route connecting the Roman Empire to ancient China. The history of the Silk Road and the cultures found along it are presented in a journey from China, through Central Asia and TransCausasia to the Black Sea.…©2006, Academic Media Network.

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Visit Beijing and Xian and learn about the dynasties, food, traditions, and architecture of China. Learn about the Great Wall of China and its importance in the trade route known as the Silk Road.

Dunhuang was a major point of interchange between ancient China and Central Asia during the Han and Tang dynasties. Surrounded by mountains, the Tarim Basin is bounded by the North Silk Road, passing along the northern edge, and the Taklamakan Desert along the southern edge.

Along the southern edge of the Tarim Basin, is the Taklamakan Desert. The Kashgar oasis is where both the northern and southern routes from China around the Taklamakan Desert converge. See these areas as they are today and learn of their historical significance along the Silk Road.

These countries, once part of the USSR, are now governed independently. Learn the history and traditions of the traditionally nomadic people of these countries.

Visit more countries along the fabled Silk Road and learn of the rich traditions and cultures of these fascinating countries.

Learn360 Video

Lear360 Treasure Seekers

Treasure Seekers: The Silk Road Run Time: [52:43]

In this program about the Silk Road, learn the history of this east to west passage, from Roman times through the 20th century. Investigate evidence of Marco Polo's travels and learn how a Swedish explorer's politics influenced his fame and fortune. ©2000, National Geographic.
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Travel back to 53 BC, when banners of silk unfurled by Pantheons during battle stunned the Romans. The fascination with silk had begun. New cities arose and exchange of culture and religion accompanied the development of commerce along the Silk Road

Examine Marco Polo's early fascination with the Silk Road. When his father returned from a 14 year absence, he spoke of far away enchanted lands and people. Inspired by his father's tales, Polo was drawn to travel and write about the Silk Road.

Watch this retelling of Marco Polo's journey. He wrote of robbers threatening travelers, welcoming villages, and exotic people. Physical dangers, such as the Desert of Death, challenged Polo on his journey. Some believe he never made it to China.

Consider the evidence for and against the truth of Marco Polo's writing. The seemingly accurate specifics contrast with fantastical details. His tales were thought to be influenced by Rustichello, to whom he dictated the account of his journey.

Learn about Swedish explorer Sven Hedin's expeditions into Central Asia and his numerous discoveries. Consider Hedin's influence on archaeological investigations along the Silk Road.

Discover how his alliance with Germany and support for Hitler and the Nazis led to Sven Hedin's disgrace in the scientific community. Stripped of honors, Hedin turned to writing and work on maps for a new Silk Road, the precursor to the Overland Highway.

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The Silk Road

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