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English 10: Step 3: Primary Source Summary

What is a Primary Resource?

This is a work in its original form.  For this research project, your novel is your primary source.  



You must read, take notes, study, and evaluate a body of work written by the author you choose.  

Locating Primary Sources on the Web

Locating Primary Sources on the Web 

Enter your search term and "primary source" in a Google search and you will find posted documents.  

Finding Full-Text Books Online


Search the latest index of the worlds's books.  Find millions of great books you can preview or read for free.  Browse magazines too!

Search Our Catalog

Need to search outside of our library?

Your phenomenal, award-winning public library can order you books from over 30 branches.  Don't have a library card?  Stop in and we'll get you an application.

OhioLINK is a consortium of Ohio's college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. The OhioLINK catalog has an academic focus.  Books need to be requested with your Public Library card and then will arrive at your local branch.

Need a Password??

Visit our library page on Schoology and look for the passwords document in Resources.

Remember to Cite Sources!!

Citing your sources doesn't have to be hard. Just remember to get the information while you are in the source!





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