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Books for Lunch : Books for Lunch 2013

Books for Lunch 2013


Curtis Sittenfeld

Award winning author and Seven Hills Alumna

Image: Curtis Sittenfeld's website


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Commentary by the author

When Compared to Salinger, A 'Thank You' Will Do

Sample her book reviews of works by other authors:

Chick Lit That Features Heroines, Not High Heels

Glorying in Sean Wilsey's Vivid Memoir

Her interview of author Leah Stewart in Cincinnati Magazine

Leah Stewart

Books by Curtis Sittenfeld

Books with a Contribution by Curtis Sittenfeld

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Curtis Comments on Her Seven Hills School Experience


Interview OF Curtis


Interview BY Curtis

Forthcoming Book

Coming in June, 2013:
ST. LOUIS, 2009 -- Kate and Jeremy are caught unawares after being woken by a series of tremors just hours south of the strongest earthquake in U.S. history. The quake has taken a toll on Kate's nerves, but it's nothing compared to her identical twin sister, Vi--a self-proclaimed psychic medium--having broadcast a prediction that a more powerful earthquake would strike. While her sister's performance is embarrassing to say the least, Kate can't dismiss the hunch as wholly ungrounded, for to do so would be to deny a part of herself that exists no matter how hard she's tried to suppress it. Faced with the question of whether she hopes her sister's prophecy will ring false, though it would put her in the line of public scrutiny, or true, though it could mean widespread destruction and even death, Kate must decide whether or not to hone in on her long-ignored faculties to predict what will happen, and admit to her friends, family and community that she has this unusual ability.